Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Human being is interacting with fire since he lived in the jungle. Fire provides pleasure, light, heat, relaxation, and attractive effect to the people to enjoy their life. In the beginning, pits were dug into the soil and stones were arranged around it for the fire to cook a meal. Nowadays the trend of using fire pits is becoming more common, people use stainless steel fire pit for cooking and warmth because it is easy to move and manage. They are also known as conversation pits. We have provided the list of different designs of fire pits with prices:

List of Stainless steel fire pits

Name Design Price
22’’ folding fire pits $69.00
29’’ folding fire pits $84.00
Alpina round slate top fire pit $159.00
Barzelonia round copper look fire pit $99.99
Bellante Woven Cast Aluminum
LPG Fire Pit
Cast Iron Rim Stone Finish Fire Pit $149.99
Catalano Square Fire Pit $139.99
Copper Rail Fire Pit $134.99
Degano Round Fire Pit $94.99
Donato Extruded Aluminum Bistro LPG Fire Pit $569.99
Dynasty Round Cast Aluminum LPG Fire Pit $809.99
Grand Cooper Extruded Aluminum Round LPG Fire Pit $799.99
Hammer Tone Bronze Finish Cocktail Table Fire Pit $199.99
Longmont Extruded Aluminum Rectangular LPG Fire Pit $844.99
Madaket Extruded Aluminum LPG Fire Pit $674.99
Perissa Woven Round Cast Aluminum LPG Fire Pit $809.99
Roman Fire Pit $99.99
Sanremo Cast Aluminum Bistro LPG Fire Pit $569.99
Solid Base Revolver Fire Pit w/ Wooden Top $134.99
Square Fire Pit $109.99
Stainless Steel Urn Fire Pit $119.99
Stonemont Square Fire Pit

Tokia Round Fire Pit



Toulon Oval Cast Aluminum LPG Fire Pit $809.99
Tuscan Tile Square Fire Pit $149.99
Urban 650 Fire Pit $96.99
Urban 880 Fire Pit $126.99
Venza Cast Aluminum Round LPG Fire Pit $929.99

Different Design and Styles of Fire Pits

Fire pits are available in different designs and styles, some of them are mentioned above with prices. It includes stainless steel fire pit, LPG pit, and so on. Their unique design and quality make them attractive, and they are mobile i.e. we can easily use them indoor as well as outdoor. The latest trends are to use the glass crystals in the fire pits to make the flame attractive and colorful. When these glass crystals are put in the flame of the fire pit they seemed like the diamond or glitter or colorful stones shining in the flame.

How to construct fire pits at home or picnic?

Follow these step to construct the stainless steel fire pits in the home, outside, outhouse or even in picnic and so on:

Step 1: Choose a proper place for the fire pit and dig the pit.

Step 2:  Place the brick or blocks in order to make the wall around the pit, and cover the outer area with stone, bricks or tiles.

Step 3: Choose the proper height and width while making a fire pit. The average height is around 12 to 14 inches. But you can construct it according to your height and comfort. Some people feel pain in legs if they make the height of fire pit more than average.

Step 4: The most important thing to consider is the weather. You should see first, the place you are selecting is dry or not? Because the moisture lessens the flame. If you have constructed Stainless steel fire pit in the outside garden then save it from rain and hard weather.

Design of fire pits that makes it reliable

The most common and popular fire pit in the market is stainless steel fire pit, it is a simple fire pit which is made up of 304-grade stainless steel, which has anti-corrosion characteristics that make it reliable and survive in the rusting environment.


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